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Edmonton Apartments For Rent. We also have apartments and every other type of housing advertised in all locations of Northern Alberta. Use our FREE "Find My Place" Service, where we find the places you really want!

The days of browsing apartment Edmonton classified websites is over! All you have to do is make search requests and our friendly staff will do the rest to find the places you really want!

Our Editorial Team are the first to see any new Northern Alberta and Edmonton apartments. It is at this time, an internal search is done into our in-house database of renters. And matches are made with places and what renters are looking for. You can make several individual search requests and we show you how to make the very best ones! Full free training is provide at EdmontonApartmentsRent.com!

We also help Edmonton and Northern Alberta property, hotel, and motel managers find excellent and credit worthy tenants. We do this first by providing training for your potential tenants before they even contact you. Then using our database of renters to profile and match your ideal tenants with your places.

There is so much more to EdmontonApartmentsRent.com! As a property, hotel, or motel manager you can also volunteer as a Rental Expert! We have a complete section called, “The Renter’s Question and Answer Discussion Forum.” And it is like nothing you have ever seen before! Full rich media, a voting system to push up the best answers to renter’s questions. An excellent way for you to build your brand and company reputation as a reputable renting source of properties! And helping renters with their challenges of finding Edmonton apartments.

EdmontonApartmentsRent.com has over twenty-five outstanding features to market your places. And also twenty very powerful search features for renters to get very specific on what they are looking for and to finally see the places they really want!

Features such as the largest images ever hosted on any platform, so you can really see what you are looking at. Each of our rental ads can host up to twenty-five high definition photos. And there’s no need to spend tiresome time clicking each image. Every rental ad has it’s own image slider! Every Location page has it’s own image slider! And finally our main rental ad page has it’s own image slider! Sit back and enjoy the show!

Speaking of shows, we have our own Rental Ad Show! Where property managers shows us their very best apartments and other great types of places! All from our own in-house live streaming studios in Edmonton, Alberta! New technologies brought to us from our Parent Company, Chase Global Media Inc. allows us to live stream your Edmonton rental properties simultaneously on FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and our very own in-house Webcast Platform! And broadcast to tens of thousand of renters across Northern Alberta and Edmonton!

For the first time in Internet history, finding the place you really want in Edmonton can be seen right from your smart television screens, computer screens, tablets, and smart phones! Anytime, anywhere, always! This is ideal for family and friends to watch together when looking for Edmonton apartments!

EdmontonApartmentsRent.com has ten search engines, which up to nine of them can work simultaneously! To help you find apartments and other places you really want to rent! We use the very best database engines as well, for the fastest response times. Every single hour our systems also scour our rental ad databases checking for any new apartments and other types of places. Which match you to what you really want to rent!

Security and privacy of information is one of our cornerstones of our rental ad publishing platform. EdmontonApartmentsRent.com is protected by our exclusive architecture built into ten additional server racks. Exclusively for defending against all world hacking attacks. All managed by our IT Security Team, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. Not just with machines, but with people, working full-time monitoring our systems on computer screens.

Their job is protecting all our own systems against any criminal threat or security breaches. Our IT Security Systems have been tested with over one million real life hacking attempts over the past two years. Zero is the number of times any machine or person has breached our systems. You can trust our security is not only e-commerce ready, but is also backed up by a one million dollar insurance policy against fraudulent transactions; as a result of hacking.

We only use the highest industry standard secured socket certificates for website identity. Ownership of EdmontonApartmentsRent.com is represented by the Premium SSL Certificate, displayed in your browser’s URL locator bar. You can always trust our website when you see CHASE GLOBAL MEDIA INC. seen in green.

Our web, email, webinar, and database systems, and IT Security Systems are all backed up by powerful Caterpillar Generators with ten-thousand gallon diesel fuel tanks. To prevent against any short-term or long-term power outages. All our systems are kept in a cooled air dry environment. And are protected with full-time security staff. Meaning EdmontonApartmentsRent.com is always open for business!

EdmontonApartmentsRent.com is the result of a joint venture between Chase Global Media Inc. and The Lucille-Carmelle Corp. ; both Members of the Alberta Residential Landlords Association. Commisioned in an effort to provide a far more superior advertising platform. We built a new publishing platform for rental ads, two mobile apps for all devices, so renters and managers could stay connected. And a brand new live streaming service for managers to show off their places for rent. This is the new solution to the old ineffective method of online advertising. Which was to post your rental ad on a do it yourself classified ad website, and wait for the phone to ring. Then book appointments, knowing most people won't even show up.

We improved upon this old business model, by using every Edmonton classified ad platform online to advertise Edmonton apartments for rent. We placed hundreds of rental ads across all of these websites. We documented what was working and what wasn’t working. We then met and listened to several property managers and built what they believed, was lacking on each classified ad website. Then we took what was working well and added brand new technologies, which were just released on the Internet. We put them altogether into one massive and powerful publishing platform, exclusively for renters and managers alike!

We then complied our own thirty-five years of apartment renting experience as renters. And looked at the critical solutions through the eyes of apartment renters. Again, we went ahead and invented systems, which would make the apartment renting experience, more expedient and with far less problems. Both for the renter and the apartment manager. When you come to EdmontonApartmentsRent.com, it will be like the weight and burden of finding a decent place to call home or hotel or motel, will have been lifted from your mind.

And for apartment property managers, hotel and motel managers, it will be an entirely different marketing experience. We think both apartment renters and managers will see this day, as their last day they will be browsing apartment classified ad websites. Not only will Edmonton apartments for rent and other places rent faster, they will be filled with far better matched tenants, who will want to stay longer. And finally call their new place a home they really wanted to rent!

EdmontonApartmentsRent.com was built with the coordination and cooperation of well over four-hundred software programmers and engineers. Over a span of almost seven years. The creation of many new cutting edge technologies have been created for EdmontonApartmentsRent.com.

Financing for EdmontonApartmentsRent.com was provided by the Lucille-Carmelle Corporation. A Member of The Alberta Residential Landlord’s Association. To which EdmontonApartmentsRent.com is also an active Member in Good Standing.

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